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Awarded " One Million Dollars Export Award "
글쓴이 관리자 이메일
날   짜 09.12.02 06:24 조회수 10836      
We was awarded " One Million Dollars Export Award " at 46th Trade Day dated on the 30th of November 2009 under the sponsorship of the Korean International Trade Association(KITA). We hope that we will try to be getting better gradually together with our customers in near future. And We are looking forward to receiving your constant interest. Thank you very much indeed.
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  Certified "GOST" 관리자 14.10.24 12246
  Certifed "CEPED" 관리자 14.10.24 11823
  Approved by JGC Philippines 관리자 14.10.24 10555
  Approved by MAPANA(Iran) 관리자 14.10.24 4930
  Certified " ISO1400" 관리자 14.10.24 4568